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This is a community for those into not only into ebm, and synth-pop, but also new wave, dark wave, electro, dark trance, etc....be you goth, rivethead, graver, or geek.
It's also a place to talk about up and coming and undiscovered artists.
Lifestyles and Art are also encouraged to be shared.
abominations, and one, android lust, angels, anime, apoptygma berzerk, art, art of noise, arzt+pfusch, assemblage 23, barbarella, beborn beton, birmingham 6, biting, blade runner, claire voyant, clan of xymox, cleaner, clive barker, clubbing, coil, controlled fusion, covenant, crocodile shop, cut.rate.box, daf/dos, dancing, dark crystal, dark minds, dark trance, dark wave, das ich, das maschine, david lynch, decoded feedback, deep red, demons, depeche mode, din_fiv, dj sushi boy, drawing, dreaming, ebm, edward gorey, einsturzende neubauten, electro, energist, evil dead, fektion fekler, fictional, films, floria sigismondi, front 242, funker vogt, gary numan, geeks, ghosts, giger, gloom cookie, glytch, god module, goth, goth girls, goth guys, gothic, gravers, h.p. lovecraft, haujobb, haven, hellraiser, horror, icon of coil, idiot stare, imperative reaction, in strict confidence, industrial, informatik, joel-peter witkin, johnny the homicidal maniac, joy division, joy machine, kissing, klockwork, kool-aid, kraftwerk, leaether strip, lenore, licking, lights of euphoria, los angeles, lush, macabre, martyr complex, massages, melotron, mentallo and the fixer, merge, mesh, miami, monkeys, neil gaiman, neurotic fish, new order, new orleans, new wave, new york, newer wave, nightmare before christmas, nitzer ebb, nkvd, noisex, orlando, painting, phantoms, photography, pivot clowj, poetry, professor killjoy, project pitchfork, ravenous, reading, rivetgirls, rivetheads, s.p.o.c.k, saft, scooter, signal aout 42, skinny puppy, soil and eclipse, succubus, suicide commando, synapse, synthpop, tampa, test dept, the castle, the cure, the normal, thrill kill kult, throbbing gristle, tim burton, velvet acid christ, vnv nation, wax tree, wishing, wolfsheim, writing, wumpscut, xorcist, yes/no maschine